a.d. after disclosure — author video

Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel make the point that technological advancements are coming so fast for humanity that we will be able to leap into the world of the Others soon, whether they want to invite us or not.

loengard meets john lennon

From the "Dark Days Night" episode. Loengard and Sayers are in New York City when a British rock group shows up to play at the Ed Sullivan Show.

Loengard meets betty and barney hill

From the pilot of Dark Skies, "The Awakening." Congressional intern John Loengard interviews the Hills after their abduction.

loengard testifies before the warren commission

From "The Warren Omission" episode. At Bobby Kennedy's urging, Loengard tells the Warren Commission about his role in President Kennedy's death, and his work for Majestic-12.

Dark Skies — starter interview

This was recorded during the release of the Dark Skies DVD set. This is actually one of my favorite interviews about my NBC UFO series, and sets the stage nicely for people who have never even heard of it.

Dark Skies — Documentary — History Is a Lie

One of the greatest things about the Dark Skies DVD set is the sheer attention to detail that Shout Factory took in getting it "just right." This documentary done by Brian Ward is just insanely great!


Here is the second taste of the documentary from the Dark Skies DVD set. Together, these two clips are so great but they represent less than half of what's in the actual documentary.